Dear Community,

Welcome to Euclid Preparatory School. Euclid Preparatory School is a learning community which values high expectations for both academics and behavior. Euclid Preparatory School staff embraces students, families, and communities to build and develop well-rounded individuals who are independent critical thinkers and intrinsically motivated to be life-long learners. We believe that all children can learn as we seek to make a difference in the lives of our students.

The teachers and staff at Euclid Preparatory School are committed to providing a quality education for all students in a safe, secure, and nurturing learning environment. We are committed to ensuring that each child reaches his/her full potential.

We encourage all parents/guardians to maintain regular communications with their child’s teachers and be actively involved in the school community. Checking the school calendar, website, and our Facebook page for events and activities will help keep you informed. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the office by calling (216) 750-2070. We are looking forward to meeting your child and helping foster a love of learning.

Darlene Montague, Principal

Community School

Community schools offer an alternative to the local public school. They are free and open to all students and focused on meeting student needs for success. Community schools are among the top-performing schools in the nation.

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Educational Approach

Our educational approach has 5 principles at its core.  These principles provide a strong foundation for learning and include: 1) Individualized Learning Plan for all scholars, 2) High expectations for scholar achievement, 3) Safe and secure learning environment, 4) Integrated technology to advance achievement, and 5) Collaborative relationships with parents and community members.

Individualized Learning

We care about every scholar and are committed to preparing children for lifelong success. Our Individualized Learning Plans start with a unique baseline for each scholar and analyze performance data at regular, short intervals. Teachers and staff tailor lessons and provide support accordingly. Individual Learning Plans are reviewed by teachers, parents, and guardians at least one time each quarter.

Academic Excellence

As part of the ACCEL Schools network, we strategically apply best practices to our curriculum design, teacher training, and integrated technology to drive continuous gains in academic performance.

Safe and Caring

We care about the well-being and development of each child. We insist on a secure and orderly school. We address every aspect of security, from building codes and safety procedures to codes of conduct and character education. Euclid Preparatory extensively trains staff to ensure the safest learning environment for all scholars.

Accessible to All

We foster a culture that is reflective of community values and interests, and we are open to all scholars.

Community Partnership

We are not just located in your community - we are part of it. We partner with local and government leaders and parents.



Class Sizes


Accredited by AdvancED


Gap Closing Component Grade

Our school is part of ACCEL Schools, an established network of more than 40 charter and community schools located throughout the U.S. We serve more than 11,500 students nationwide.

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